Why Consult With Me

1) I have been in Private Practice for more than 8 years and from the inception I was experimenting with beyond the couch ideas.
2)I have earned over half a million dollars in beyond the couch income. Ask me and I will show you the evidence.
3) I dominate my niche market on google in my local market. Yes I am 1 one.
4)  I am the consummate creative thinker and have refined a process to help you be more creative than I am.
5)  My wife and I have developed multiple streams of income from private practice.
6)  This website you are viewing I build 100 percent on my own.
7)  My years in business have afforded me access to credible professional who can hep you get your projects done.

About Us

This website represents a vision of mine to extend a social movement where well educated counselors extend their talents beyond the couch. For too long those who have been highly trained to be partners in the emotional healing of individuals have confined themselves to the couch. This is unfortunate because we have so much more to offer.

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