Five Things I have learned about SEO in Five Years


What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization and represents the extent to which your website can be read by invisible search bots that patrol the Internet looking for new content. The constant search for content has one main purpose: to provide Internet users with content relevant to their needs. Your task is to ensure that your website and its content is optimized so that when users in your niche market execute a search, your content has the best chance of being viewed.

Build A Community

The web is now a community. A lone website with a bit of content is like a new unknown professional coming into an industry—it essentially has no connections and no credibility. To be search-engine friendly you need credibility—you need a community. Others must reference you and you have reference others. This kind of cross pollination of your content and the content of others builds credibility and community. I learned this in 2006 when I became part of a group of anger management providers that stretched from California to Florida and all states in between. As a group, we consistently referenced each other and shared each other’s content. This resulted in a strong web presence and many professional opportunities. In essence, the Beyond The Couch (hashtag #beyondthecouch) therapist will build or become part of a community where they share your content and where you share their content.

The Right Way to Build Your Website

Cookie Cutter Websites VS WordPress

Mental health professionals are offered a variety of do-it-yourself, cookie-cutter websites like WIX and Therapysites, which put the mental health professional at a severe disadvantage. In my opinion, my colleagues should stay far away from these websites and instead build a website using WordPress. Not only is the technology behind WordPress search-engine friendly, it’s also very user friendly for even the most novice therapist. Your website is the foundation of our SEO strategy and should be built right.

Smart, Beautiful Content

The Internet is a competitive place. Every piece of content is vying for the attention of millions of potential viewers. Therefore, it’s important you do things to ensure that your content gets attention. The three basic ways to get seen is to first create attractive content, put that content in various places on the Internet outside of your website, and most importantly, do your keyword research. By beautiful content, I mean including bold pictures. Any time you are writing an article, include a picture that is a representation of that article. Bold, beautiful pictures attract attention and stimulate the urge to click and read your article.
Consider also placing your content on free article sites, or request to be a guest blogger on someone else’s site. These strategies will continue to extend your influence and build SEO capacity. The other important way to attract readers to your content is to know what keywords potential readers type in the search box when looking up your niche topic. Once you’re aware of these popular keywords, include them in your article—this is a sure way to be seen by your niche market.

Think Local then Global

Search and SEO are becoming more locally focused, meaning that as mental health professions, we should grow our local business first.Here are some strategies which will help to grow your niche tremendously. The search engines will see you as an authority and give you preference by placing you higher in the local search results

Find local online communities and interact with them.

Start your own local Facebook page or and participate in talks in your local area.

Develop joint presentations with other colleagues in your area who share your interests, and market those presentations on the web.

I hope you have learned a few new things in this article. If you’re looking to go further and grow #beyondthecouch, contact me and let’s make your dreams come alive.

Do It Myself

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I Need More Help

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