Clinical Supervision

What is clinical supervision?

Clinical supervision is a structured process of a senior (based on clinical experience, not age) clinician overseeing and providing guidance in the development of a junior clinician over an extended period of time—typically a few months to years. 

How does one become Ms. Todd’s supervisee?

First contact her by email or phone or 704-804-0841.

Ms. Todd will conduct a brief phone screening and answer your questions.

If both parties agree to work together Ms Todd will request your résumé, supervision contract and 2 letters of recommendation, with email addresses, from previous supervisors or professors.

Ms. Todd will subsequently send you her professional disclosure statement, NCBLPC supervision contract, and supervision reference form.

Complete the NCBLPC supervision contract.

Ms. Todd will complete and sign her portion of the contract and return to supervisee.

Supervise will send contract to the board.

Board will send approval (usually about 2+ weeks) to Ms. Todd.

Ms. Todd will inform supervisee of receipt of approval and schedule initial supervision appointment accordingly.

Becoming a supervisor is a huge responsibility. The supervisor becomes legally and ethically responsible for the supervisee’s conduct with his/her clients. As such it is important to be aware of a supervisee’s clinical strengths and growth areas from the get-go. In using a primarily developmental model of supervision, it is important for Ms. Todd to be aware of the level of supervision interventions needed by a supervisee from the beginning of the relationship so that there is seamlessness in clients’ care.

How does Ms. Todd calculate her supervision rate?

Ms. Todd calculates her supervision rate based on the following factors:

Becoming someone’s supervisor means that she is legally and ethically responsible for each of that supervisee’s clients.

Ms. Todd is responsible for every action or inaction taken or not taken by the supervisee.

Ms. Todd is liable for these actions and/or inactions long after the supervisee becomes fully licensed.

Ms. Todd is available for consultation outside of the supervision hour.

Ms. Todd is engaged in ongoing clinical supervision training.

Ms. Todd engages in preparation for each session and also supplies significant resource materials based on her personal experience and research.

Ms. Todd also draws on her extensive professional network and her education in training and performance improvement to research clinical topics as well as provide cutting edge information on professional development options.

What can one expect to receive from Ms. Todd’s supervision?

This question is best answered by supervisees. (Please note that these comments were uncoerced. No compensation or barter was supplied or negotiated.)

What documents do we need to begin supervision with Ms. Todd?

Two Recommendations or References (with email info).

You will need a copy of Ms. Todd’s Professional Disclosure Statement. She will email to you.

You will also need a NCBLPC supervision contract.

See the North Carolina Board of Licensed Professional Counselors (NCBLPC) website. 

Please see the forms required for LPCA supervision via the following link: 

Currently, Ms. Todd utilizes both group and individual supervision. Group supervision is conducted en vivo (live) and individual supervision is conducted through a combination of live, FaceTime or Skype. Live supervision is the preferred and dominant media. Ms. Todd also expects to conduct frequent reviews of your sessions via audio or video recordings (with client’s permission). She may be available to do live observation or co-therapy, as schedules allow. 

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